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 دیکشنری کامل آکسفورد با بیش از 90000 لغت

 من قبلا" در اینجا دیکشنری آکسفورد را برای گوشی های سری ۹۰ مانند ۷۷۱۰ معرفی کرده بودم ٬ و این هم برنامه دیکشنری کامل آکسفورد  با بیش از 90000 لغت یرای سری ۶۰ .

 این فایل شامل دیکشنری های عمومی هست.

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 MSDict Oxford Business Dict v2.20
Description: 2 in 1: an OXFORD reference along with MSDict Viewer containing 140,000 words, phrases, definitions, words origination and pronunciation.

Oxford Dictionary of Business
by Oxford University Press

The third edition of the Dictionary of Business is a wide-ranging and informative guide to all areas of modern business. Completely revised and updated, with over 6,500 entries covering terms from marketing to taxation and accounting, business strategy to international finance, human resources management to banking, this dictionary will prove indispensable to both students and professionals. It also covers U.S. business terms as well as business and financial jargon.

A Dictionary of Business is the third edition of A Concise Dictionary of Business, first published in 1990. The original edition was prepared on the assumption that it would be of use of students of all kinds of business courses, ranging from GCSE Business Studies to degree and postgraduate business subjects, as well as to business people and their professional advisers (layers, bankers, accountants, managers, insurers,etc.).
In the third edition, special attention was paid to the vocabulary used in the business strategy, organizational behaviour, marketing, and human resources management. This third edition has brought the book into 21st century, with a special emphasis on the use of Internet in commercial practices. The burgeoning vocabulary of e-commerce and interactive marketing is a feature of this edition.

MSDict Concise Oxford Medical Dict v2.20
Description: Over 340,000 hard copies sold

'No home should be without one'- Journal of the Institute of Health Education

The sixth edition of this dictionary provides full coverage of all the important terms and concepts used in medicine today. Written by distinguished practising specialists and medical writers, it is intended primarily for workers in the paramedical fields: pharmacists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, social workers, hospital secretaries, administrators, technicians, and so on. It will also be invaluable for medical students and practicing doctors. Each entry contains a basic definition, followed- where appropriate- by a more detailed explanation or description. A feature of the dictionary is that the articles are written in clear and concise English without the use of unnecessary technical jargon. For this reason the book will also be of both interest and value to the general reader who needs a home medical dictionary.

'Exellent layout and jargon-free style'- Nursing Times

'An extraordinary bargain'- New Scientist

The dictionary defines terms in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology, as well as in all major medical and surgical specialties. Its coverage of psychology and psychiatry, public health medicine and dentistry is unusually comprehensive, and this edition includes many new entries covering the latest developments in diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy, endocrinology, peadiatrics, and urology, as well as the other medical surgical specialties. Key terms in the developing speciality of advanced life support systems have also been added as new entries. Entries for many new drugs have been included, and drug names have been revised in accordance with the recently implemented EC directive on the use of recommended International Non-Proprietary Names (rINNs); where these differ from names commonly used in Britain, the letter are included both as synonyms for the rINNs and as cross-reference entries.

MSDict Viewer Features
The Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary is utilized by MSDict Viewer - an innovative dictionary reader specially designed to combine high data compression for memory restricted devices with a fast search algorithm, and user-friendly interface with amazing speed. The viewer supports multiple dictionaries installed at a time.
Transcriptions facilitating pronunciation
Hyperlinks between different related articles
Support for dictionaries installed on memory cards
Searching that starts on first letter you enter
Learning features - random word and word of the day
History lists of visited word

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